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Little Marlow

At Little Marlow we teach computing across the year groups in a variety of different ways to suit their age and competence levels. We introduce them to the different types of technology and then build upon this learning by delving into how computers work. We do this in order to expand their computational thinking and problem-solving skills and further their independence. Which, in turn adds to their growing knowledge and confidence, preparing them for the technological world around them.

Computing Curriculum Statement, Overview & Progression 2023 - 2024

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity CE School aims to provide an engaging and fun computing curriculum. The subject is diverse and allows children of all abilities and skill to flourish. Given the ever-increasing digitisation of the world and the inclusion of computers in everyday life, Computing is a core component of the overall school curriculum at every year group.

We want our children to love computing, therefore our curriculum has been carefully compiled so that our children can build on prior knowledge, learn age-appropriate skills and develop their understanding of technology, how to stay safe online and begin to explore systems and programming.

Recently, the school invested heavily into Computing, a new scheme and new resources including Marty Robots. Marty’s are used in every year group and allow children to get hands on with programming by creating movement, sounds and more complex sequences using child suitable programming software, Scratch.

Through our lessons, we intend to inspire pupils to see how computing and technology in general has shaped the world we live in and how quickly it is advancing. We place an importance on internet safety and responsibility while still encouraging children to be curious and engage suitably.

Computing Curriculum Statement 2023 - 2024

Computing Curriculum Overview 2023 - 2024

Computing Skills Progression 2023 - 2024