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How we developed the Holy Trinity curriculum

We strive to provide children with a curriculum that has the Christian ethos at its heart and is rich in variety of knowledge and experience.  Our curriculum has been developed based upon the context of our school.  We have considered the gaps in our pupils’ backgrounds and how we wish them to progress to secondary school. 

We use high quality texts, and have half termly ‘Wow’ events linked to topics, to engage learners, impart knowledge and enhance skills. Each year group, will have different opportunities to take part in a variety of trips and experiences.

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Holy Trinity Church of England School provides a supportive, nurturing, inclusive environment for our pupils to:

  • develop as independent, reflective and mindful learners with high aspirations
  • understand the purpose and value of their learning so to be prepared for the next stage of their learning as they move on
  • develop problem solving, creativity and communication skills whilst valuing others’ points of view and opinions
  • know how to make a positive contribution to the school and local community whilst exploring ways of becoming an active global citizen

through providing a rich and varied curriculum which:

  • develops children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding and has our Christian and British values embedded at its heart
  • is exciting and challenging
  • is creative and fosters natural curiosity
  • engenders a sense of personal pride in achievement and provides a purpose and relevance
  • develops a rich and deep subject knowledge which embeds the formal requirements of the National Curriculum
  • provides opportunities for children to learn through memorable experiences, extra-curricular activities and uses the outdoor environment


Our Holy Trinity creative curriculum was planned in collaboration with Cornerstones, to ensure that each child has a range of opportunities to develop, engage and achieve. This bespoke curriculum meets the National Curriculum for England and Wales and offers numerous activities, which deepen children’s understanding of the world around them.

Cornerstones aims to stimulate children through several phases of learning:

Engage - the children take part in first-hand experiences and begin to find out about their new theme through research and enquiry.

Develop – the children delve more deeply into the topic, developing new skills and understanding. They may also master new skills and use this phase to make links across the curriculum. Here, lines of inquiry or questioning are pursued.

Innovate – the children have the opportunity to demonstrate their newfound skills and knowledge, applying them to a range of problems and reflecting on their own needs.

Express – the children present, perform or demonstrate their learning and evaluate the progress they have made, drawing on links from across the curriculum.

Whilst our Cornerstones curriculum covers all areas of the curriculum, we still offer discrete subjects, including Maths and Religious Education.

For an overview of the topics planned for this year, including some of the proposed activities, please view our Curriculum Overview document below. Please note, specific activities may change throughout the course of the year. 

Religious Education

Our aim is to be able to:

  • provide challenging learning through the RE Curriculum;
  • promote an inspirational and aspirational ethos through meaningful and engaging Collective Worship; and
  • contribute to community cohesion by engaging the whole school community in an exploration of identity and community in the local, national and global context.

RE Long Term Plan

Curriculum Overview 2021 - 2022

Cornerstones SMSC & Fundamental British Values

Meet the Teacher 2021

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