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Our aim at The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow CE Schools is to establish excellent standards of behaviour to create and foster an atmosphere of care and mutual respect. 

Through promoting our core values we hope to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop the skills that they will need in later life. 

We take a positive approach to managing behaviour which encourages all pupils to make choices, take responsibility for their actions and act in a way that allows themselves and others to learn to the best of their ability.

We see it as the responsibility of every member of staff, every parent and every pupil alike to help to uphold these standards thereby maintaining a consistency of approach to behaviour management throughout our schools. 

Across the federation our aim is to:

  • Provide a calm, safe learning environment for children where they feel secure and happy
  • Have a transparent and consistent approach to all behaviour
  • Promote self discipline and enable children to make ‘smart choices’
  • Promote respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Have a well-managed structure of rewards and sanctions which are consistently implemented
  • Foster safe, interactive and fun playtimes with opportunities for joining in constructive activities and games to foster positive relationships

 Please see our Federation Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy for additional information.