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 Little Marlow

At Little Marlow School we believe that an early understanding of phonics is crucial for children to learn to read and write. We have implemented the Lesley Clarke's Synthetic Phonics Programme which is a DfE validated phonics programme. This means that we first teach letter sounds and then build up to blending these sounds together make words, we use phonics to segment words to teach spelling. All children, from Reception to Year 2 have a discreet phonics lesson every day. In phonics lessons, and throughout the day, the children read high quality books that are matched to their phonic ability, to practise using the sounds they have learnt. Phonics lessons are fun, fast paced and exciting. The children are encouraged to praise each other and celebrate their successes, every step of the way.

Phonics Parent Guide



How can I help my child with phonics? Information and support for parents/carers

No doubt you want your child to become a successful reader and writer and you have a key role to play in them achieving this. Did you know that you can help your child to make an additional 4-5 months of progress in one year through providing high quality home learning.

Phonics teaching has changed significantly from when you were at school and you may feel you don't fully understand the current approach. That can make it very difficult to know how you can best help your child with phonics, early reading and writing at home.

Lesley Clarke’s website has a parent section that is designed to help you understand how your child is being taught to read and write at school using synthetic phonics, so you will feel confident supporting the development of your child’s phonic knowledge and skills at home.

Understanding Synthetic Phonics

Activities to use with your Child at Home


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