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Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust have launched a new support website for children's health and wellbeing.  Specifically for parents and carers of primary school aged children.  The website contains information to support you during a child’s primary school years.

The website is primarily a health information and promotion website, covering important features of a child’s health and development, including healthy minds, healthy bodies, health issues and where to get professional help and support.

Buckinghamshire's Health for Kids Website


The wellbeing of all our children is now more important than ever.  The following video clip and details from Sam Preston, Safeguarding Director maybe useful:

Video Clip

Maintaining Good Mental Health

Wellbeing Week 2020

8th February - 12th February

Day 1

Wellbeing Week - Day 1

Day 2

Wellbeing Week - Day 2

Day 3

Wellbeing Week - Day 3

Day 4

Wellbeing Week - Day 4

Day 5

Wellbeing Week - Day 5

Wellbeing Week - Day 5