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Little Marlow

At Little Marlow we teach science in an engaging and fun way, continually expanding upon their scientific skills, through challenge, questioning and discovery. We develop their curious minds through interactive experiments and scientific enquiry. We cultivate opportunities for the children to learn in fun and interactive ways, in order to provide many of the foundations for understanding the world around us. Linking to our school vales and ethos about being a good Samaritan to the world.
Science Curriculum Statement, Overview & Progression 2023 - 2024

Holy Trinity

At Holy Trinity Church of England School we take pride in offering a dynamic and comprehensive science curriculum designed to engage and inspire young minds. Our curriculum is built upon the principle of providing a strong and topic-focused learning experience that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of the natural world.

In Year 3, our students embark on an exciting journey into the world of science, exploring a diverse range of topics that lay the foundation for their scientific knowledge. They delve into the realm of food, geology, the Stone and Iron Age materials, followed by food chains exploring the fascinating topic of 'Predator!'. Additionally, Year 3 students get hands-on experience with the principles of light, forces, and magnets, allowing them to explore the fundamental forces of nature.

As our students progress into Year 4, they continue their scientific exploration with a states of matter through the cross-curricular link with geology, and mountain formation. The 'Burps, Bottoms, and Bites' topic provides insights into the fascinating world of digestion. They then begin exploring the concepts of evolution, adaptations, and food chains by diving into their 'Blue Abyss' topic. Year 4 students are then introduced to electricity, equipping them with the essential knowledge needed for their scientific journey.

In Year 5, our students turn their gaze towards the skies as they embark on the 'Stargazers' topic, exploring the mysteries of space and the solar system. They then venture into the enigmatic 'Alchemy Island,' delving into the properties and uses of materials. The journey continues with in-depth exploration of light and concludes with a study of animals, fostering a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the natural world.

Year 6 students at Holy Trinity take a deeper dive into the realm of science. They explore the circulatory system, building a strong foundation in biology. Moreover, their understanding of electricity, initiated in Year 4, is further developed, enabling them to comprehend this essential aspect of modern science. Through the lens of 'Darwin's Delights,' Year 6 students explore the classification of living things and evolution, delving into the intricacies of life on Earth. Their scientific journey culminates with a deeper knowledge of light.

At Holy Trinity, we are committed to nurturing the curiosity and scientific inquiry of our students. Our science curriculum is designed to empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to explore the world around them, ask questions, and seek answers. We believe that a strong topic-focused curriculum not only enhances academic growth but also fosters a lifelong love for science.

Science Curriculum Statement 2023 - 2024

Science Curriculum Overview 2023 - 2024

Science Skills Progression 2023 - 2024